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Know the company

Know the company

Founded in 2004 and from the beginning demonstrated its vocation of being next to the rural producer ...



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Commercial agents

Commercial agents

Check out our list of representatives spread throughout Brazil and also in Paraguay ...

In more than 20 states

Fortgreen Product Line

A portfolio made up of own and registered formulas and products of international prominence.

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Fortgreen works with the highest quality products

For more than ten years in the market

Why choose Fortgreen?

We are present in more than 20 states that account for 95% of Brazilian agricultural production.

Quality and Technology

Leader in technology development in Brazil, always ahead of its time and the market.

Technical Capacity

Our technical team is recognized the most developed in the market of plant nutrition in Brazil

Customer Service

It has more than 70 representatives throughout Brazil to serve the producer more effectively.

Get to know our PhD soy application

The Fortgreen PhD application in Soy helps you to identify the current phenological stage of the soybean crop in your crop and the nutrients absorbed. It has tables of interpretation of analysis (soil and leaf), identification of phenological stages, nutrient absorption gait and nutrient extraction simulator personalized, check it out!


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